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Hole In One Club

The Hole In One Club continues to grow at River Oaks. Many private clubs have been very successful in making the group fun and keeping the participation large. Joining the Hole In One Club is easy and all it takes from the member is to shoot at the stick.

Please call the Golf Shop or notify a staff member that you want to join the next time you visit the Club. To participate just aim at the stick each time you play to win.

There is no entry fee, just a five-dollar fee to your account each time someone in the Club makes a hole in one. This means, the larger the club, the larger the winnings when you make an ace!

When you make your ace, you MUST HAVE another River Oaks member to verify the validity. Your Golf Shop account will be given the winning amount. As of today, almost 50 members are trying to win over 200 dollars! Therefore, the more people we have in the Hole In One Club, the larger you win!